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Respite Care: Choosing and Using Respite Care

Caregivers often feel pressured to “do it all.” But the truth is that everyone needs a break sometimes.

Whether a caregiver needs time to accomplish errands and daily tasks, attend to other family business, socialize, or just care for themselves, respite care offers the opportunity for caregivers to take a breath and focus on other aspects of their lives.

Respite can also offer patients with Alzheimer’s or other dementia disorder the opportunity to spend time with others who have similar issues and to participate in activities geared toward their needs.

Look for respite care providers who are licensed and who are experienced in caring for those with dementia. Whether an in-home provider, day center or residential facility best suits your needs, meet with the provider and familiarize yourself with their procedures and services. Find a provider that is a good fit for the patient and the family.

Plan ahead for emergency respite services. If something should happen to the primary caregiver, it is important to have a provider in place for a short time or for a transitional period while alternative care is found.

Superior Residences offer respite care and long-term care. For more information, contact the facility nearest you.

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