Tips and Support

Choosing a Care Provider

Choosing the residence that offers the right care, atmosphere and expertise can be challenging for families who are already facing a difficult decision.

Some residences offer only necessary assistance, allowing patients to maintain as much independence as possible. Others offer more advanced care and monitoring.

Facilities that can offer continuity of care – from early assistance to more advanced care – can offer a family the security of knowing they have achieved a long-term decision and that the facility will know the patient and help them transition them through the stages of their dementia. A patient will also have an ongoing familiarity with the facility and its staff.

Look at these aspects to help you make a long-term care provider decision:

  • Services: Honestly assess the needs of the patient and look at what services will be required for their care. Consider therapies, activities, personal care and medical needs.
  • Amenities: Each facility will offer its own living arrangements, public spaces, activities, and other considerations such as transportation. These should align with the lifestyle preferences of the family and the patient.
  • Location: Finding a location close to home, family, and support is and important factor. You want to be close enough for routine visits and in case of an emergency.
  • Expertise: Find out about the experience, training and screening of the staff. Ask for testimonials and references from current and past families who have used the residence.
  • Engagement: Whether they are a social butterfly or prefer alone time, each patient should have options. Consider what kind of social opportunities are offered and encouraged during mealtimes, scheduled weekly or monthly events, or any time in common areas.

And, of course, look for a place that will feel like home, where your family can spend quality time together, and you feel secure and comfortable when you are apart.

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