Superior Residences of Brandon

Memory Care 

Our residence is designed to meet the needs of our memory-care residents and a customized service plan is prepared for each individual. We encourage activities and a daily structure that build on individual strengths, enhance positive self-image, and promote autonomy. Special attention has been given to the physical layout, safety and decor to specifically suit the needs and comfort of our residents.

Our programs and services use the latest knowledge and therapeutic techniques adapted to the unique behavioral and communication complexities that occur with each resident and their unique abilities. Therapy-driven activities, such as art therapy, physical therapy, and sensory therapy programs use measurable benchmarks to identify needs and progress. Personal care assistance is available around the clock.

Short-term Care

Superior Residences of Brandon offers respite and day-stay hourly rates based on availability. These short-term care programs are designed for individuals requiring services after an illness or hospitalization who need assistance before returning home, or to provide a break for caregivers.

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